incidente aereo en la india

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Hola, hoy alguien me ha comentado que dos pilotos de una aerolinea india se echaron a dormir en un vuelo comercial, y para ello se fueron fuera del cockpit.

No se si creerlo, alguien lo puede confirmar?


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An Air India Airbus A321-200, registration VT-PPM performing flight AI-333 from Bangkok (Thailand) to New Delhi (India) with 166 passengers and 9 crew, was enroute when two cabin crew entered the cockpit for a prolonged period of time. The first officer unintentionally disconnected the autopilot while flight attendants were in the cockpit, the autopilot was quickly re-engaged and the aircraft continued to a safe landing in Delhi.

India’s press, led by the «Times of India» and «Mumbai Mirror», reports that the first officer had taken a toilet break, a flight attendant had been asked to enter the cockpit according to standard operating procedures to monitor the captain and had taken the first officer’s seat. The captain then ordered a second flight attendant to the cockpit, left his seat, instructed her to take the left hand seat, briefed both flight attendants how to operate the aircraft on autopilot and left the cockpit. When one of the flight attendants accidentally disconnected the autopilot about 40 minutes later, both flight crew rushed to the cockpit and recovered the aircraft.

Air India released a statement stating, that the aircraft was under control by flight crew at all times, at no time the flight attendants were at the controls of the aircraft. However, two cabin crew had a prolonged stay in the cockpit, during their «overstay» the first officer – in his seat – accidentally disconnected the autopilot probably as result of distraction while interacting with cabin crew and quickly re-connected the autopilot. Both flight crew and both cabin crew have been suspended pending investigation.

On May 4th 2013 India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said, that the crew consisted of two pilots and 7 flight attendants. Two of the flight attendants were on the flight deck for almost the whole flight in violation of safety rules. The autopilot was briefly disconnected when the aircraft was enroute at FL330. A member of the crew reported the incident to the DGCA under the voluntary disclosure scheme.