El Aeromexico pide sobrevolar Amsterdam a 4.000 pies VFR y ATC alucina...

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Respuesta de halcon-1 el 25/01/2021 19:58

Pilot: “Is there any chance that we can make a visual flight over Amsterdam at 4,000?”
Controller: “Fly over Amsterdam at 4,000 feet? Confirm you want?”
Pilot: “Yeah, that’s what we are requesting.”
Controller: “No that is not possible sir.”
Pilot: “It’s not?”
Controller: “No, it’s not.”
Pilot: “Okay, well I was thinking because it was near here…”
Controller: “Yes but then the whole Amsterdam will wake up.”
Pilot: “Hah, well okay, thanks anyway.”
Controller: “Next time you have to visit Amsterdam when everything is open.”