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  • Por a1000296 el
    Hi everyone,

    I think I found out these website too late.

    I have failed 2 times already..

    I saw that on
    there are a lot of questions there.

    However, I am trying to find the one for PPL (H). I know some are similar, but Principle of Flight for helicopter is very different than those questions from the link.

    Therefore, I would like to know if there is any website I can find question bank for PPL(H).

    Btw, I am taking tests in Madrid.

    Thanks again
  • Por deivid123 el

    there is nothing of principle in PPL H, you can use Aviation Exam in CPL (H) that there you have all the possible questions

    Por Halcon-4 el

    Hi deivid123, can you share the questions?

    Por Abby el


    I also just failed Principles of flight for the second time for PPL (H) in Madrid. I’ve studied for weeks Aviation Exam and still can’t make it. If you find anything let me know or feel free to connect with me to share what we’ve seen in the exams. Here is my email


    Por a1000296 el

    Abby check your email!

    Halcon, are you taking PPL(H) also?

    Por deivid123 el

    I studied principles of Flight in Spanish

Viendo 5 publicaciones - del 1 al 5 (de un total de 5)