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    Buenas tardes, solicito información a personal del foro, sobre referencias de fisuras estructurales en el botalón de cola del heli AW 139, ya que parece ser, que algunos modelos las han presentado. Gracias.

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    That AW139 tailboom failure – emergency AD from EASA
    By Kieran Daly on September 4, 2009

    This Remember the mystery – rather a frightening mystery actually – of the AgustaWestland AW139 tailboom that suddenly collapsed during taxi last week? Well it’s still a mystery and EASA has put out an emergency airworthiness directive based on an earlier AgustaWestland service bulletin.

    It requires «detailed» inspections of the «tail panels» within 25 flight hours or 30 days and then repetitive inspections every 50 flight hours.

    But on seven aircraft identified by serial number (31006, 31020, 31022, 31042, 31136, 31157 and 31248) the initial inspection has to be done within five hours. I don’t immediately know what the significance of those seven aircraft is or what the common factor is. : it’s suggested to me that all of them have previously suffered tailstrikes.

    From Flight’s rather neat Helicas database it seems the gang of seven are currently being operated all over the place: one in Abu Dhabi, two in the Gulf of Mexico, one in Scotland, one in Norway, one in Japan, and one with the Pakistan Army. And they were built anything from five years to five months ago. Anyone know the connection?

    EASA says the reason for all this is as follows: «During the taxiing phase the tailboom of an AW139 helicopter bent and collapsed. The root cause of this accident is still unknown and under investigation.

    «Evidence of debonding had been previously reported on some tailboom panels of AB/AW139 helicopters. therefore EASA AD 2008-0157 required repetitive inspections of the tailboom assembly and, in case of debonding detection, the accomplishment of corrective actions.»

    So this year that’s the Sikorsky S-92, Eurocopter EC225 Super Puma, and AW139 that have suffered sudden and catastrophic mechanical failures. Welcome to the ever-interesting world of rotary flight.

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    Muchas gracias por la información. Si tuvieses alguna fotografía, te lo agradecería. Entiendo que no dominas bien el castellano, me hubiese gustado más. Te mando un privado con mi correo, te explico motivos. Un saludo.

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    En el primer enlace sale una foto de un 139 al que mientas iba rodando (menos mal) se le partió el puro de cola, tb te adjunto un par más por si te sirven.

    Un saludo.

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    tailboom failure 139



    Así estan mejor puestos.

    Salió también un vídeo del robot que rescató los restos del helimer 207 donde se apreciaba la cola partida y el rotor de cola fuera de su sitio, supongo que lo habrás visto…

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